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GP Locum Australia can help you liaise with myriad employers and jobs

The path to working as a locum GP in Australia can be fraught with minefields, but if done right can be immensely rewarding professionally and financially.
While some GP’s choose to submit applications directly to employers, most locum general practitioners we work with find that it is a much simpler process when you engage professional support.

GP Locum Australia can help you liaise with myriad employers and jobs available in the market to find the best work for you.
As well as simplifying the process, GP Locum Australia can also help you gain access to the ‘hidden’ employment market - jobs that are not advertised publicly, giving you a greater choice of GP locum jobs throughout Australia and the Australasia region.

GP Locum Australia specialises in placing locum practitioners across positions in Australia, however we can also assist those with NZ qualifications.
Whichever category you fall into, it is crucial to have professional support from someone who knows and understands the locum market for GPs in Australia.

Although the daily rate varies from location to location you can reasonably expect anything between $70-$160 per day as a JMO non-specialist locum. The variation is dictated by the level of responsibility, the client, and of course, market forces.

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GP Locum Australia are a specialist medical locum recruitment agency with a focus on connecting doctors with employers.

With so many options to choose from in the locum market, many locum doctors find it difficult to know where to start, and how to find the best work.

We provide candidates with an end-to-end service to minimise hassle, and make locum work a positive and rewarding experience - both professionally and financially.

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