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Medical Locum Australia is Australia's largest locum agency

GP Locum Australia helps Australian and international doctors find placements all across Australia.
Our expert medical recruitment consultants work closely with every candidate to help them achieve their career goals.

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Are you looking for a locum job in Australia? GP Locum Australia places locums from a variety of specialties, including emergency, intensive care, anaesthetics and GP’s.
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You can expect shifts to be variable, depending on the area you are working in, and the facility. In some cases, you may be on-call after hours. Supervision levels vary greatly from location to location, so it is crucial to ensure that you enquire about supervision before accepting a position.

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Additional benefits of locuming

As a locum, you will sometimes be eligible for additional benefits, including:

* Return travel from your home
* Accommodation
* Hire car or use of hospital vehicle
* Reimbursement of reasonable expenses (taxi, meals, etc)
* Paid travel time

These benefits vary from employer to employer, and will be part of the negotiation we carry out on your behalf before accepting the position.

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GP Locum Australia are a specialist medical locum recruitment agency with a focus on connecting doctors with employers.

We provide candidates with an end-to-end service to minimise hassle, and make locum work a positive and rewarding experience - both professionally and financially.